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Game Thread - 5/27/7

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 8:35 pm    Post subject: Game Thread - 5/27/7 Reply with quote

I thought it might be helpful to start a thread for each game session summarizing what happened; it's a good way things fresh and also keep players who were absent informed of what's going on and offer any comments.

Game Summary
    1. Discussed marching across the plains and taking a boat south to Highfolk, but eventually decided to make the trek through the forest with in our uncannily forest-navigating wagon.

    2. Found a horrendous scene of a dozen or so elves hung up on trees and disemboweled, with a group of ten orcs feasting on them. The orcs were relatively tough (i.e. classed, with a barbarian, bard, and at least two omewhat minor spellcasters) but were dispatched fairly easily due to focused ranged fire and the crowd control of Entangle and the skeletons. Vermie was nearly killed, however.

    3. We kept one orc alive to interrogate (Cradloch the Elf Slayer) but he had little information to share; apparently this band was the last of his tribe. After learning this we finished him off.

    4. The orcs had a few magical potions as well as a magical weapon or armor (I can't remember which) and some masterwork weapon or armor as well.

    5. We camped out the night to prepare the clerical spells necessary to give the elves a proper send-off to the Grey Havens or wherever and gathered their belongings. Using a Speak With Dead we traced them to a nearby village and returned their belongings.

    6. We asked the leader of the village if he could provide any long-term support for our eventual raid against Izlen, but he was completely tied up merely defending the village. We asked him if he needed any assistance with any local problems, at which point the game session ended.

Metagame Stuff
    1. We brainstormed some ideas for problems the elves might have, and Will's (presumably) going to come up with some way in which we can help them for the next session.

    2. Thomas is going to be have trouble with significantly shortened sessions for the next four weeks due to matinee shows for his gig, but we couldn't really find any kind of decent time that worked for everyone.

    3. We joked about "Orc Engineers," which "engineer" things buy killing the owners of devices that the orcs don't understand.

    4. Shakamanya's latest skeleton has been given a name... Crackers!

What have I forgotten?

Take care,

Edited for corrections.

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PostPosted: Mon May 28, 2007 9:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool summary, Mike! A couple of corrections:

1. Izlen, not Istan.
2. I think the name was Crackers. A Seinfeld reference. In one episode, Kramer accidentally gets a job -- he's not really on the payroll, but people think he works there. Jerry asks him what he carries in the briefcase he takes to work, and Kramer replies, "Crackers." Smile Likewise, what's in the trunk, Shakamanya? "Crackers."

I think that's the story, anyway. Smile

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