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Korvosa Map Guide

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:08 pm    Post subject: Korvosa Map Guide Reply with quote

You should all have a map of Korvosa in the player's guide in the front cover. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of an online map that I can just link to.

The Acadamae
The famed Acadamae attracts students from all across Avistan and Garund (as far as Geb). Teaching all eight schools of magic, the Acadamae nonetheless admits only specialists. However, the Acadamae does not allow its students to forsake its main focus, conjuration, as a prohibited school.

Although it lies within Citadel Crest, the Acadamae does not actually belong to the ward. Almost a town onto itself, only faculty and students of the college live within its walls; outsiders may only enter if they have an explicit purpose.

    The Campus: Each hall that makes up the Acadamae houses classrooms designed to facilitate their areas of study. These buildings more or less architecturally reflect the idiosyncrasies of the arcane schools they house.
      A1. Hall of Summoning: School of Conjuration. One of the largest buildings in Korvosa, many binding circles surround areas within and around the building.
      A2. Hall of Seeing: School of Divination. Many pools, mirrors and crystal globes serve as both decoration and magical foci.
      A3. Ornelos Hall: Administrative offices. An ivy-covered building which once stood as the original Hall of Summoning.
        Headmaster: Toff Ornelos (male human).
      A4. Hall of Induction: School of Evocation. Also known as the Cube, this plain building sided with iron contains many open areas within.
      A5. Hall of Wards: School of Abjuration. The site of the (in)famous Breaching Festival, its mundane exterior hides the best-guarded building Korvosa.
      A6. Hall of Lies: School of Illusion. This building changes appearance every dawn, sometimes reflecting the mood of the staff and student body.
      A7. Hall of Shaping: School of Transmutation. This building is constructed from a hodgepodge of materials and shapes (though not originally).
      A8. Hall of Charms: School of Enchantment. The most beautiful building on campus with equally gorgeous (and untrustworthy) students to boot.
      A9. Hall of Whispers: School of Necromancy. A haunted, sinister, shunned hall; the target of many dark rumors.

Castle Korvosa
The city's centerpiece, Castle Korvosa towers over everything else. The castle comprises of two parts: the Grand Mastaba and citadel. Only the monarch, his immediate family, the seneschal of the castle, and the seneschal’s family may live in Castle Korvosa.

    Grand Mastaba: This is a four-sided sandstone pyramid with stairs cut for humans rising up the center of the northeastern face. One corner appears crumbled; the result of masons looting the corner of material, a practice now illegal.

    The Keep: The castle itself is a black-marble keep with multiple towers rising from its roof. The Crimson Throne, seat of power for the city's monarchs, sits on the third floor of the keep, the only chair on the floor.

East Shore District
This district lies over the channel of the Jeggare River, housing a handful of noble houses that have close ties to the military of the city.

    E1. Theaumanexus College: This is Korvosa’s secondary wizard school. It teaches a generalist approach, though specialist graduates are not unheard of.
      a. Geezlebottle Hall: Half of this hall is constructed for human-sized occupants, while the other half is sized for gnomes and halflings.
      b. Toryr Hall: A small building that holds five classrooms.
      c. Verso Hall: A manor house built in the Old White Cheliax style, trellised with climbing roses. It holds administrative offices and six classrooms.
    E2. Leftover’s: The only inn in the district, this establishment has 12 two person rooms and a large common room.
      Innkeeper: Retired soldier Portenus Gaskelinni (male human).
    E3. Horse Shop: This shop sells horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and other pack/riding animals. The prices here are 10% lower than regular prices.
    E4. Shoreline Drinkhall: This tavern, owned and operated by House Endrin, provides a stiff drink, though the meals seem more like rations. Guards, dock workers and nobles, as well as the occaisional transient from Thief Camp, frequent this bar

Gray District
The residents of this district keep to themselves and are mostly well-behaved. Of course, almost all of Gray District's inhabitants are dead and buried. In fact, the only living creatures reside in the temple of Pharasma.

    Sepulcher Ward: This wards contains the temple, providing housing mainly for priests of Pharasma. Reportedly, this ward houses most of the remains of Saint Alika.
      G1. Grand Cathedral of Pharasma: This high, black-marbled structure houses the barracks, temple and keep. There are many defenses set up against undead here.
        Bishop: Keppira d’Bear (female human).
      G2. Great Tomb of Leadership: This is a large crypt that holds bodies of decorated military personnel.

    Potter’s Ward: This ward contains low income, mass graves, with thousands of names of the dead engraved into the black walls of the southeastern corner.

    Everyman Ward: Here lies the the burial sites most people end up in. While wealthier people are buried in the plots, average citizens fill up the Vaults underneath the mausoleums found here.

    Gold Ward: Nobles and recent royalty are buried here in these mausoleums and crypts, along with past Commandants of the Sable Company and Field Marshals of the Korvosan Guard.

The Heights District

    Citadel Crest Ward: The wealthiest ward in Korvosa. Many noble families and powerful merchants live within.
      H1. Great Tower: 19 floors. Main entrance on tower’s third floor, accessible via a bridge. Entrance to the Vault system beneath Korvosa.
        Floor 1: Sable Company main armory.
        Floors 2-6: Endrin Military Academy.
        Floors 7-16: Barracks for Sable Company marines.
        Floors 17-19: Hippogriff aeries.
      H2. Upslope House: Bed and breakfast. Has 10 rooms that can accommodate up to 22 people.
      H3. The Frisky Unicorn: Bed and breakfast. Has 5 rooms that can accommodate up to 13 people. Psuedodragon nest in highest floor of turret tower.
      H4. The Temple of Asmodeus: Altars at each point of star. Living quarters and administrative offices.
      H5. Gilded Orrery: Sells books, texts, items, magical wares of arcane lore for the Acadamae.
        Proprietor: Gasta Waegra (female human).
      H10. Tenna’s: Bed and breakfast. 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 11 guests.

    The University Ward: Houses the University of Korvosa, the Korvosan Museum, and some smaller schools and cultural locations.
      H6. Jittery Quill: Coffeehouse and alehouse.
      H7. Jeggare Museum: Owned and operated by House Jeggare. Museum has several wings.
        Curator: Mercival Jeggare (male human).
      H8. University of Korvosa: Main campus consists of 5 major buildings. Three satellite buildings and 2 other buildings are in other wards.
        a. Leroung Hall: Academic offices, classrooms and 210 seat auditorium.
        b. Black Hall: Classrooms.
        c. Jeggare Library: University private library.
        d. Instructor Offices North: Hold ¾ of university staff.
        e. Instructor Offices South: Staff offices, conference rooms and classrooms.
      H9. The Wise Dragon Inn: Inn and attached restaurant.

    The Cliffside Ward: Lesser nobles and not-quite-as-wealthy merchants live in Cliffside.
      H11. Marbledome: Operahouse owned by House Jeggare.
        Manager: Touran Palastus (male human).
      H12. Kendall Amphitheater: Open-air and stage performances. Games and contests are sometimes held.
        Kendall Vault: A cave complex beneath.
        Plaza of Scions: Three tall statues mark the divide between the brick plaza and the covered stage of the amphitheater.
      H13. Crested Falcon: One of the most expensive restaurants, catering to the elite.
      H14. Temple of Sarenrae: Turreted temple built of white marble, dedicated to healing.
      H15. The Overlook: Tavern on the edge of the Merciless Cliffs. Sells the infamous This-n-That drink.
        Owner: Asa Hemrich (male human).

Midland District

    Slope Ward:
      M1. Bookmaker: Korvosa’s largest bookstore.
        Proprietor: Costa Serminus (male half-elf).

    West Dock Ward:
      M2. Bailer’s Retreat: Tavern. (accidentally marked as M12 on map)

    Pillar Hill Ward:
      M3. Gold Market: Korvosa’s largest market. Sell foodstuffs and handcrafted works. minor magic item seller?
        Vendor: Sagitar Tiguan
      M8. Pestico’s Dolls and Figurines: Makes children’s dolls.
        Owner: Vadid Pestico (male human).

    High Bridge Ward:

      M4. Eodred’s Walk: 14 shops.
        Aram’s Crown: Tavern
        Basha’s: Small bookstore and map shop.
          Owner: Basha (male human).
        Doom and Gloom: Varisian woman Harrow reader.
        Galloping Ghost: Sells tack and barding for riding animals, including hippogriffs.
          Owner: Patch.
        Gemshare Jewelers: Buyer/seller of jewels, also sells jewelry.
        Hedge Wizardry: Small shop that sells alchemical and magical goods.
          Owner: Phaeton Skota.
        High Bridge Haberdashery: Tailor/clothes seller.
        Kep’s: Fish seller (dolphin meat, jigshaw sharks, even reefclaw meat).
          Owner: Kep.
        Fair-Fished Baitshop: Self explanatory.
        Pinking Shears: Barbershop.
          Owner: Ol’ Hooktooth (male half-orc)
        Slicing Dicers: Sells swords, knives and daggers.
        Smoked Foods: Seller of smoked meat and fish.
        Time Stop: Clockworks and sales.
          Owner: Goupie Capabopple (male gnome).
        Trapper’s Hole: Archery seller/bowyer. Does not sell crossbows.
          Owner: Jope Chantsmo (human male).
      M5. Citadel Volshyenek: Main garrison of the Korvosan Guard.
        Field Marshal: Cressida Kroft (female human).
      M6. Creaky Hammock: Tavern/Inn. Has 4 small rooms.
        Innkeeper: Destin Smish.
      M7. Eodred’s Square: Square/landmark.

North Point District

    Mainshore Ward:
      N1. Laughing Waves Inn: Self explanatory.
      N2. The Dock Trade: One of the smallest of Korvosa’s markets.

    Northgate Ward:
      N3. Whitecaps: Inn.
      N4. Longacre Building: Trial and sentencing building. Executions are committed in Deathhead Vault beneath. Jail cells in vaults beneath as well.
      N5. City Hall: Contains offices and ministries offices of city government.
      N6. Bank of Abadar: Temple and Korvosa’s main bank. Rumors of Golden Vaults of Abadar below which contains Korvosan Mint.
        Archbanker: Darb Tuttle (male half-elf).
      N7. Three Rings Tavern: Serves breakfast sweetbreads and pastries in addition to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
        Owner: Theandra Darklight (female human).
        Theandra’s bodyguard: Tauk Par (male Shoanti human).

    Five Corners Ward:
      N8. Sanctuary of Shelyn: Smallest of independent temples.

    Ridgefield Ward:
      N9. Avenue of Arms: Bizarre landmarks of stone arms, 127 of them.
      N10. Posh and Turtle: High scale restaurant.
        Owner: Thavium Rigulus (male human).

Old Korvosa District

    Fort Korvosa Ward:
      O1. Palace Arkona: Manor of House Arkona.
        Lord: Glorio Arkona (male human)
        Lady: Melyia Arkona (female human)
        Vaultmaster: Bahasaran (male human)
      O2. Old City Hall: Self explanatory. Abandoned?
      O3. Orsini Academy: Sword school.
        Owner: Vencarlo Orsini (male human)
      O4. Endrin Military Academy: Barracks for Korvosan Guards and Sable Company marines of Fort Korvosa. Classrooms and sparring rings are located here as well. Multiple storied buildings.

    Old Dock Ward:
      O5. Reefclaw Run Market: Fresh seafood (Alikan Oysters, jigsaw shark meat) and strange jetsam sold here.
      O6. Sticky Mermaid: A very rowdy tavern.
      O7. Jeggare’s Jug: A small pub also known as Jeggy’s Jug.
      O8. Copper-Beater Hall: Smiths for copper. Dozens of smithies employed. Very, very noisy.
      O9. Eel’s End: 4 docked ships that serve as a hospilality industry.
        Goldenhawk: Flophouse
        Twin Tigers: Gambling hall
        House of Clouds: Brothel
        Dragon’s Breath: Drug den
      O10. Exemplary Execrables: Gaudy, perverse and disgusting theater.
        Owner: Pilts Swastel (male human).

    Bridgefront Ward:
      O11. Temple of Aroden: Trio of clerics located here.
      O12. The Travelling Man: Small tavern.
      O13. Hessim, Newby, and Sage Paint Manufactory: Shop that sells tiny jars and pots, brushes, canvases, and easels. Manufactures an impressive array of paints.

    Garrison Hill Ward:
      O14. The Ironworks: One of the largest buildings in Old Korvosa. Factory type manufacture of wrought iron works.

South Shore District:
    S1. Orkatto’s Feathers and Fur: Exotic pet store (rainbow-plumed songbirds, snowdust badgers, emerald-back nightbelly boas, even dream spiders).
    S2: Green Market: Small, fully enclosed market selling food, clothing, commodities, jewelry and luxury items.
    S3. Bard’s End: Korvosa’s largest inn; can hold up to 32 people comfortably in its 14 rooms. Inn normally has 64 guests. Small stage in the common room.
    S4. Jade Circle: Teahouse for the nobility. Teas are from Osirion and Tian Xia. Sells wine in the evening.
    S5. Pantheon of the Many: Octagonal white marbled shrines of 17 different deities. Gods Gorum, Lamashtu and Rovagug have no shrines. All shrines equally sized.

I'll flesh it out a bit more later.
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